Below is a list of services offered by David Van Hoesen and the team at Alpha Building & Construction. Interested in discussing your real estate goals? Submit a contact form today and the Alpha team will let you know how we can help.

Alpha building and construction

We Specialize in Design Build Services

Working with our team of experts, we can give you the custom designed and built home of your dreams. Having built many homes in Greenwich over the past 25 years, we have assembled a team of experts who work well together to give you the product and service you desire.

Katherine DiLascia- Designer | Niall Crowe- Construction Manager 
Richard Kotz- Architect | David Van Hoesen- Builder/ Developer




Custom Homes


If you have property to be subdivided or redeveloped, I can help investors maximize their returns. 

Through Van Hoesen Realty Corp. we can help you evaluate and sell, or purchase property as needed.

We have been providing excellent returns for many years with very limited downside. We have never had an investor loss.

I occassionally work with great people to build them exceptional homes at a great value. Let’s talk and see if it makes sense.

I offer professional strategic analysis of development opportunities on a per fee basis.